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No more fragmented data and cumbersome work in multiple systems. With the Aiden Integration Platform, you can seamlessly link your systems. This solution offers the ability to integrate your systems in the cloud with on-premises applications. Or even integrations between different cloud providers. This makes it easy to streamline business processes between departments, organizations and companies.

Safe in the cloud

The Aiden Integration Platform runs entirely in the cloud and is a secure place for all your integrations. It also saves costs, since you don't need to install any additional hardware or software. We continuously update the platform so it remains online non-stop, your data is always secure, and your links are preserved.

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Download product sheet

View and download our Aiden Integration Platform product sheet for more information about this solution.

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The Aiden Integration Platform makes it easier to communicate with business partners. By mutually integrating your systems and those of your partners via industry standards, you simplify your collective process, reduce the amount of manual work and significantly improve communications.

Aiden Integration Platform

The Aiden Integration Platform is a self-learning platform. This means that you can use out-of-the box links and reuse the integrations you have created. We have developed this platform based on micro services, a special method for developing software where we use small stand-alone integration developments. This gives the Aiden Integration Platform optimal scalability. This way, you are always prepared for peaks in the system and message load, such as during campaigns like Black Friday.


Aiden offers high-quality consultancy, thanks to our knowledge of your industry and business processes, among other factors.

It is important to us that you can get started with the Aiden Integration Platform quickly and easily. That is why we are happy to share our knowledge with you.

01. Cost-saving

Save on integration costs

02. Affordable maintenance

Save on hardware costs and associated maintenance

03. Flexible and scalable

Benefit from a flexible and scalable solution

04. Improved communication

Improve communications with business partners using industry standards

05. Secured cloud environment

Work in a cloud environment that is continuously updated.

06. Fast support

Aiden offers rapid support and makes this solution manageable as well as tangible

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