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Combining different systems into function-oriented care applications with low-code that contribute to the digital, innovative and rapidly changing field of work of both care provider and care recipient!

Aiden connects health care

Aiden translates care processes into innovative and effective IT solutions in low-code and makes care care again. We are the springboard to digitization in healthcare by being an innovative, reliable and experienced partner. Every day, together with our partners, we contribute to cheaper, more efficient and more accessible care.

Dutch healthcare is busy with a major digital transition and research shows that the Netherlands is ahead of the rest of Europe in this. However, this digitization does not alter the fact that the pressure on healthcare provision is increasing. This has several causes; a large administrative burden, many different care systems, a rapidly changing work environment, a great need from staff to provide better care and above all too little time and too few people.

Healthcare providers are expected to continuously improve, to be up-to-date, to handle highly privacy-sensitive information and to adapt rapidly to the ever-changing market. On the one hand, there is therefore a strong demand for stable, reliable and secure systems, while on the other hand there is a need for speed, innovation and adaptability to respond to the continuously changing market.

Of course there is no single solution to this increasing pressure, but a step in the right direction is the digital change that healthcare is currently in the middle of this situation. This digitization means that more hands and time are available for patients and the pressure on the caregiver can be relieved.

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We improve digital care with low-code by means of function-oriented applications with Mendix for Healthcare. Applications that serve a specific purpose and are aimed at making healthcare better, faster and more accessible. This with the aim of giving care again the time to care. The value of low-code in healthcare lies in the following 3 aspects:
  • Care provider/provider is facilitated to achieve the best result for institution and patient together with IT. This collaboration in which people develop together ensures that the patient or care provider always has the solution that makes care cheaper, faster and simpler at that moment because they both speak the same language.
  • By developing and changing quickly, the requirements/wishes and needs or laws/regulations of government, patient or client and healthcare institution can be constantly met.
  • Cost savings can be achieved by making digitization and efficiency successes around process automation and optimization (like this example)
In short: with Mendix for Healthcare it is possible to respond quickly to change and there is good cooperation between IT and business (care provider, patient, institution). Function-oriented applications in low-code put the patient first, free up more time for real care and will reduce the administrative burden. What does the implementation of low-code actually bring to your healthcare organization?
Mendix for Healthcare
Low-code is a way of developing applications without using a programming language as has traditionally been done application development. This new way of developing is also known as modelling. This makes development accessible to everyone and gives organizations the opportunity to conceive, develop, use and optimize applications at lightning speed (up to 10x faster). This way of developing responds to the need for application development from the 'business' that is growing at least 5x faster than IT can deliver.
Because it is possible to develop from different levels of an organization, IT and the business will work together much more and results will be achieved faster. It is not without reason that Gartner states that by 2024 more than 75% of applications will be built in low-code. Is it safe to say that low-code is the future?
01. Improved collaboration

A strong collaboration between IT and healthcare provider is facilitated to achieve the best result together

02. Flexibility

By developing quickly and constantly meeting the requirements and needs of government, patient and healthcare institution

03. Innovative capacity

A new way that is disruptive and innovative and gives healthcare access to emerging technology such as robotics, AI and IoT

04. Cost reduction

By digitizing faster and automating and optimizing processes, major cost savings can be achieved.

05. Even more efficient

Develop multi-channel applications for process optimization and increase employee productivity and satisfaction. The great user experience gives an extra advantage for your users and business partners.

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