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Vocas specializes in professional cameras, lenses and other accessories in the broadest sense of the word; from product development and sales to repair and maintenance. CEO Ruud Dobber: "We serve freelance camera people and film producers, both large and small. So from bloggers and vloggers to cameramen of international TV shows, commercials and productions for the big screen. Each customer has different requirements in order to work with the right tools in their own way. We offer a suitable solution for every situation and work brand independently."

"We are here for all camera people, so from vloggers to international film producers"

In 2010, Vocas made the strategic choice for a standard ERP system. The all-round B2B trading company shows particular satisfaction with the reliability of SAP Business One and Aiden's technical discipline. This means that a mere decade later, developments in the market for professional cameras and accessories are still effortless to follow.

Own service department

Operational reliability, anytime and anywhere, is what Vocas wants to offer. So the company has an eight-man service department that never has to say no in the field of ICT, electronics and mechanical modifications. In addition, Vocas is certified to perform warranty repairs for top brands such as Arri, Canon and Sony.

SAP Business One wins on functionality

Vocas also develops and manufactures its own products, but is essentially a trading company with now some 80,000 items ranging from tiny technical parts to lenses, daylight filters, shoulder rests, tripods, bags and more. The management of all item data takes place in the ERP system SAP Business One.

Choice of standard software

Dobber: "Automation is very important to us. We previously had a self-developed ERP system. In 2010 we made the strategic choice to opt for a standard system in connection with further development and expansion. This had to be a future-proof system that would continue to offer room for innovation and new developments. During that time, all serious parties visited us. Based on functionality, SAP Business One quickly came to the forefront.

Setting up within the SAP standard

In Vocas' experience, once you have selected a system that suits your situation, it comes down to having a good partner. "Aiden thinks with us and speaks the same technical language as we do. At the same time, they can also say "no" when they have to. This will prevent us from getting carried away by technology and creating 'underwater solutions'. And if something special needs to be set up, it is done entirely in accordance with SAP guidelines. That means full support, a shorter implementation time and an upgrade-proof system. The latter is really crucial," Dobber believes.

Guarantees for continued development

The traditional 'German gründlichkeit' of SAP was an important argument for Vocas. Ruud Dobber: "We can easily expand and add things, but it is still an SAP system at heart and that guarantees continuity. I see SAP as a reliable company that listens to the market and continuously develops its standard system without hindering users with all sorts of customization."


Smart automation within a single system

In SAP Business One, Vocas was able to accommodate all activities, with the unambiguous setup of the item administration at its core. All operating companies use the same data, with sister companies easily supplying each other through Intercompany. Smart functionality has been built into many places to further automate Vocas' business operations. For example, sales prices are automatically calculated based on current purchase prices, and an invoice overview has been added for the service department for approval. Recent work has included e-commerce and a seamless link with multiple Magento web shops. This is in collaboration with Aiden's sister company Epartment.

Looking back over the last few years, Ruud Dobber sees some clear advantages of Aiden and SAP Business One: "We can now do more with fewer people. Our sales growth went much faster than the expansion of the number of employees. We can also more easily develop new initiatives, each of which is supported by the system.
Think additional online channels, more functionalities, international sales and Intrastat filings. In addition, as techies ourselves, we can develop new capabilities, which Aiden will further incorporate within the SAP concept.

This includes things like iPads at the front desk, which we use to digitally process product returns and issues and thus register them in the SAP system. Prices of competitors on the internet can also be tracked automatically. This allows Vocas to determine the optimal selling price in SAP Business One, which is then automatically implemented in the linked webshops."

With Aiden you can face the future

Ruud Dobber concludes: "I would recommend Aiden directly to a business looking for a pragmatic and effective automation partner. They listen carefully first and then present an adequate solution that ensures satisfied customers. Aiden is our consultation partner."


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