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As an ambitious start-up, how do you make sure your IT infrastructure is rock solid from day one? This is the very question faced eight years ago. "For us, it was important that the ERP solution be flexible and scalable so we can always move to the next level without getting stuck," says founder and owner Dennis van der Burgt. The online specialist in window decoration chose SAP Business One with licensing in the cloud.

User convenience

In 2011, decided to deliver shutters, blinds and curtains directly from the factories to customers in the Benelux via a web shop. Making customization accessible to everyone was their guiding principle. "The ease of use and the experience of the end customer have always been at the heart of everything we have done to date," says Van der Burgt of

Enormous complexity

"With our online model, we started a revolution within the traditional window decoration market," says Van der Burgt. That model was certainly not obvious. "Our product may seem simple, but we are actually dealing with enormous complexity. When ordering window coverings, hundreds to thousands of different configurations with interdependencies may be possible. The online customer would like to see the different options and have them delivered quickly after ordering."

"We also serve two types of customers," continues Van der Burgt. "We have customers who order directly through the web shop. These are the 'do-it-yourself' customers. But we also have customers who first seek advice at home from a consultant and only proceed with the purchase after the consultant has provided a quotation. Those are two different flows."

It was this vision of automation that used when they started to put the puzzle together in 2011, working closely with an Aiden partner. This partner recently merged with Asecom to become Aiden. Van der Burgt: "It's important to do business with a partner who has knowledge of the business. Aiden knows web shops and back-end integration. Aiden plays a central role in every automation step we take."


"At the time, quickly came to the conclusion that a 'digital core' required a stable state-of-the-art system," says Aiden COO Martijn van Veelen. That's why they chose SAP Business One. SAP Business One is the digital core, the central system that is linked to the web shop and where all the master data and logic are processed.

"Because of its rich functionality, this ERP software provides companies with the right foundation for growth," Van Veelen continued. could also use this solution for their next steps. "From day one, we provided integrations with, for example, the automatic ordering module. SAP Business One offers the flexibility for that." Van der Burgt adds, "But also consider the financial handling of the processes that is fully automated. To us, that is the true strength of the software solution as it stands today."

The scalability of the solution has now been proven in practice. Currently, has more than 140 employees. The number of SAP Business One users increased from seven to more than twenty over the past two years. For even greater scalability, embraced SAP's cloud model in 2018, exchanging on-premise licenses for licenses in the cloud. "We can't always accurately predict the need," Van der Burgt explains. "In the cloud, we can very easily scale up the number of users, but also scale it back down."

Next Level

Van der Burgt is also already thinking about the next steps with For example, there are plans to roll out the concept to countries outside the Benelux. Deviations that the company will have to deal with then – such as different legislation and different VAT regimes – can, he says, be handled smoothly in SAP Business One, which has various localizations. “Thanks to our choice eight years ago, we are not getting stuck today.”


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