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Arli Group is a company from Enschede that develops and produces household textiles in-house. It also supplies large, reputable customers such as as a wholesaler. Over five years ago, the company chose to have Aiden implement SAP Business One as the heart of its automation. Herbert Leferink explains what benefits this had and still has for their business.


"We chose SAP because it is open software that we can access very easily from other software," says Leferink. "Also important: SAP Business One is one of the few packages that offers standard solutions for functionalities we were looking for. For instance, it already includes a production module. Convenient, because the production department is very important in our company. The standard modules ensured that Aiden was able to demonstrate something that met our needs very quickly. With other ERP packages, certain things had to be built first. If you opt for that, it remains to be seen whether it will produce the desired results. We did explore other solutions, but the choice actually fell on SAP pretty quickly."

Having Aiden provide the SAP package was also a very deliberate choice for Arli Group. There were several reasons for this. Leferink: "Aiden is knowledgeable and is in our region. Moreover, they had good referral addresses that we visited."

Speaking of benefits: what does Leferink consider to be the most important asset of SAP for its business operations? "The fact that we can basically automate almost all of our processes. So the entire process from the receipt of an order to the shipment of the package. Human hands don't really come into play there anymore. This saves an awful lot of work, because processes are a lot more efficient. Those processes are also much less prone to error. Because anything you do by hand is more likely to make mistakes."


Ready for dropshipments

The fact that SAP as an ERP solution is easily expandable provided Arli Group – at a slightly later stage – with even more benefits. So they were soon able to start processing dropshipments as a company as well. Leferink: "Dropshipments are becoming an increasingly important tactic in the logistics world.

In order to process these quickly and properly, we use a Warehouse Management System (WMS) in addition to SAP. This is not a link that was on our wish list initially. Until we grew and wanted to even better meet our customers' needs. The consultant at Aiden then indicated that SAP can be linked to our WMS without issue. And it sure can, because that integration works flawlessly. That saves a lot of headaches. And that's ultimately what matters".

It is an important and costly investment for almost all businesses: a new, comprehensive software platform that intervenes in virtually all business processes. You want to be able to move forward with that for a while. According to Leferink, SAP offers every opportunity to grow with Arli Group in the future. "We can link clients, as well as other software, to our system. We need Aiden to realize those links. But they are also there for us when a problem arises. They identify these and solve them quickly and adequately for us. Our business can then continue to run as usual. We work very well together in that respect".

Thinking with the customer

That pleasant collaboration is also reflected in Aiden's personal approach to a project like that of Arli Group. Leferink explains: "We have sat around the table regularly in the past with a consultant from Aiden. The latter, of his own accord, suggested several things that could be improved in our process. These were things we had not thought about at all. Aiden has that knowledge, in part because they do a lot of work at other companies. We could often apply his advice and solutions on the spot within our company. With all the added benefits, such as additional insight into SAP on our end. Knowledge we wouldn't have had otherwise. This is a very pleasant way of working."


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